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Now more than ever before, women across the globe are taking control of their lives and unleashing their inner power. Taking charge of your life starts with staying organized and being intentional with your goals – and that's why we created the Female EmpowHERment Era Digital Planner!


Our digital planner is your go-to source for time management, daily journals, and guided to-do lists. This innovative planner is designed with the savvy, determined woman in mind. You can keep track of meetings, projects, events, and due dates. Plus, the weekly and monthly view options make it easy to zoom out and recognize the progress you’ve made.


Say goodbye to mundane and monotonous planners. Our digital planner puts the ‘empowHERment’ in motivation! Keep your thoughts, ideas, and actions at the forefront so you can stay committed to your aspirations. With the female EmpowHERment Era Digital Planner, you can be pretty and purposeful, while remaining focused on achieving success.

Female EmpowHERment Era Digital Planners (Phylicia)

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