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PowHERhouse (n.) - Someone who is a leader in their own right, sets their own rules, successful and a mentor to future bosses.


With the PowHERhouse Planner, you can identify and find room for possibilities and continue to rise as notable figure in society. Set realistic goals in favor of your strengths and conceive practical plans to see them come to life. 


PowHERhouse Planner includes:


  • Appointment planner
  • Undated monthlly planner pages
  • Undated daily planner pages
  • Contact pages
  • Inspirational quotes
  • And additional pages for notes & reflections


Take charge of your life and embrace the limitless possibilities.


**Download the planner on your computer or upload to your ipad note taking app like Notability or Good Notes.**

PowHERhouse Planner (Lexxi)

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